Fred’s best friend is his dog! His name is Zeke and he’s 1 1/2 years old. They love to play ball together—mostly soccer and baseball—and play tug of rope. He enjoys running through the trees at the park! Zeke also loves hanging out on the balcony of his high-rise condo and watching the cars drive by. Sometimes, Zeke even yodels alongside fire engine sirens as they drive by! Zeke’s favorite toy is Mr. Cow, the rubber chicken. He’s a very squeaky, but beloved, companion and was a gift from his cousin Napoleon.  

Fred and Zeke were made for each other! They love to wrestle…without knocking anything over, of course! They walk to Starbucks together to pick up their favorite drinks—Fred gets a green tea, and Zeke gets a puppuccino. Fred’s wife Sheila is an instant distraction for both Fred and Zeke. Sometimes, they end up fighting for her attention, and Zeke usually wins!

Zeke is a very photogenic dog and loves to have his picture taken! If you ask Fred, he’s the cutest dog in town!